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MLM Business Plans - MLM Binary Plan, Helping Matrix, Level Plan

Binary Plan, Matrix Plan, Donation Plan, Level Plan, Generation Plan, Australian Binary Plan MLM Software

MLM Industry has grown to be a billion-dollar industry, with millions of people working for financial support. And the depth of this industry has allowed the experts to come out with new ideas to make it more thriving. Presently, there are hundreds of MLM business plans out there that are quite similar to each other, and have big differences at the same time. However, not all plans are very popular amongst people.

The success and popularity of an MLM business plan depends upon the number of people using it and getting benefits from. According to that, here are a few popular MLM Business Plans that you may consider highly profitable and rewarding for your business and deserve your efforts:

MLM Binary Plan

Indeed the most popular and fruitful MLM Business Plan is the MLM Binary Plan that works on a simple concept of a binary tree. A large percentage of people and companies involved in the MLM industry actually work with the MLM Binary Plan only. This plan is so popular, that it has become a synonym for Multi Level Marketing. The plan needs the members to work hard to attain success, and hard work of one member benefits everyone in the chain. So, it also promotes team work and collaboration. If you are novice in the MLM industry, you are suggested to start with the Binary Plan.

MLM Donation Plan

Also known as MLM Gift Plan or MLM Help Plan, this is a business plan in which people help each other financially, and get benefits from it. It’s an international plan that is being used by millions of people across the globe. The concept is simple – gift someone a financial help, and get rewards for your kind act. Due to the direct involvement of money in transactions, this plan is also referred to as MLM Money Order Plan.

MLM Matrix Plan

Unlike the MLM Binary Plan that has unlimited members, the MLM Matrix Plan has a limited number of members in a hierarchy. Each member participates in growing the matrix, but the whole control remains in the hands of the leader. This plan is also known as Forced Matrix Plan. It offers great incentives and monetary rewards and thus has become quite popular amongst the members.

MLM Mobile Recharge Plan

Unlike the MLM Compensation Plans in which the members are rewarded for adding new members below them or selling a product or service, the MLM Mobile Recharge Plan is based upon Mobile or DTH Recharge scheme. The members are required to recharge other’s mobile phones or DTH networks, and get their profit share from the MLM Company.

MLM Uni-Level Plan

In most of the MLM plans, there are unlimited levels. But in MLM Uni-Level Plan, there is only one level below each member. However, the member may add as many people as he wants in the width. Members with great performance are promoted to the higher levels and can earn more. This plan also works as the MLM Binary Plan where every member in the chain earns for himself and for other members.

MLM Board Plan

Instead of having a hierarchy or tree, this plan has a Board with a limited number of members in the board. The MLM Company may decide how many people remains in the board, and once the limit is reached, new members are added to downline boards by splitting the primary board. Due to its huge earning potential, this plan has become quite popular in the MLM industry.

MLM Generation Plan

MLM Generation Plan was actually introduced to save the advertising and marketing expenses of businesses. In this plan, the company chooses a number of retailers who sell their products and services, and promote the business, without any extra cost. In return, the company pays its members for their hard work. It’s an excellent plan that offers great compensation to its members.

Stair Step MLM Plan

The MLM Stair Step Plan is a distributor channel plan which is based upon target achievement. Each member in the channel is given a sales target and has to achieve the target to get compensation. The compensation in the plan is rewarded as a certain percentage of the profit. Members are required to meet their own targets as well as to add new members in the downline. When a member in the downline achieves a target, everyone in the hierarchy gets the benefits. Due to its simplicity and great profit margin, this plan has become quite popular these days.

Australian Binary Plan

The Australian Binary Plan is quite similar to the Binary MLM Plan with some modifications. In this plan, each member is required to add three new members in the downline and the compensation is rewarded by the third downline recruitment. No matching pairs are required in this plan; therefore it is quite easy and profitable.

MLM Crowdfunding Plan

In the crowdfunding plan, people invest in a business and get financial benefits upon the success of the business. It is a highly profitable plan as there is no limit of earning in it. all it takes is a careful decision upon investing in a business, and you are all set to make huge profits.

So these are a few popular MLM plans that are being used in the industry. MLMYug is a reputed software development firm specializing in developing powerful and cost-effective software for these plans. If you dream about making a big buzz in the MLM Industry, Contact Us with your idea. We will help you get a product that ensures your success in the marketplace.