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If you are looking for a quality Microfinance Software solution to enhance profitability of Finance Business, you Search Ends Here.

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Basically microfinance can be refer to an effective way of initiative services that provides to socially and economically underprivileged people, small business organisations, and micro entrepreneurs to raise their income levels and helps to reduce high processing and transaction charges. Microfinance Software Application helps these micro-finance companies to provide loans to low income customers, small scale business and other than that they provide facilities of amount deposits, fund transfer, insurance policies and RD-FDs quite accurately and effortlessly.

Automatic Accounting

Financial Account

Client Management

Client Management

Loan Management

Loan Management

Shares Module / Dividends Prossesing

Shares Prossesing

Member Account

Member Account

Insurance Management

Insurance Modules

Term Deposits Module

Deposits Module

Inter Branch Accounting

Inter Bank Branch

Core iSolutions has command over designing and developing Micro-finance Software for numerous satisfied clients and provide them control over informations like loans, savings, accounting and report printing.

Why Micro-finance Software ?

Any industry which is involved in loan services or banking services needs to have a system which maintain details and information of customers, details of every transaction, details of every sensitive information with security and protection; thus you need a Micro-finance Software application for your business. This system helps you to save excess time and efforts to do the task accurately. Micro-finance Software application is obliging for all; it helps to monitor all the process, track down all statistics to increase the productivity and profit.

Basically it is a tool to provide underprivileged resources of income generation by lending money, building property assets, start a business with complete security and precaution. Benefits of Micro-finance Software does not stop here; it is not only a way to save money and increase interest but also offer you great investment profits for a good standard of living.

Why Our Advanced, Fast & Reliable Micro-finance Software?

Core iSolutions; a Micro-finance Software Development Company is a completely devoted to design and develop microfinance application with decades of experience in this field. Our dedicated team is always up to help you with their knowledge and consultancy. Our microfinance software is a complete package with many essential modules like Automatic Accounting, a complete Loan management system, RD FD services, Mobile Banking, POS and ATM card facility, loss and profit balance sheet, report generation and many other customised modules as per our client's need. We provide our customer a powerful tool in terms of microfinance so that each and every client of Core iSolutions succeeds in modern environment of micro-finance.

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