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RD FD Software - Mini Banking Software

Customised Accurate, Secure RD (Recurring Deposit) / FD (Fixed Deposit) Software Solutions For Micro Finance Software

  • RD (Regular Deposit) Software
  • FD (Fixed Deposit) Software

In this world of technology and networking marketing RD FD Software is ruling the edge. RD FD Software helps one to manage the schedule for depositing and withdrawing the balance with such an ease. RD FD Software offers a facility to an agent to maintain Different plans with different amount, with different interest and other calculations.

Multi Branch Accounting

Multi Branch

Associates Agent Management

Associates / Agent

Member Account

Member Account

Term Deposits Module

Deposits Module

RD FD Software can be count as one of the best way to manage features and functionalities for its agents, members and other partners in all aspects, from managing the transactions to agreements, from maturity calculations to commission calculations, to other calculations. RD FD or recurring deposit and fixed deposit schemes offers you different plans where a customer deposit a fair amount and receives sum of it after a particular period of time. It can be stated as one can deposit an amount in single instalment or can be paid in RD in multiple instalments. Basically behaves as banking software; it provides provision to the society to deposit, withdraw in figure of RD FD.

So having RD FD Software allows you to manage all your transactions and agreements with the help of its functionalities

Core iSolutions is the growing software development company based in Jaipur and renowned for its services in sector of RD FD Software Development. With our experienced and skilled developers team; we provide you best solutions for customised RD FD Software. Our foremost objective is to satisfy our each client by catering them with latest technology software and applications. We work on simplicity and authenticity on every product we develop ensuring complete security and protection and best of services for you.

Some Features of RD FD Software

  • Agent registration
  • Plan setting, commission setting, agent status setting, agent commission setting
  • Maturity calculation, commission calculation, penalty calculations for delayed depositors
  • Simple procedure to deposit instalments
  • Forthcoming due instalment reports of RD.
  • Receipt generation and printing
  • Manage customers, agents and other partners
  • Prints bonds, check, and passbook for FD.
  • Many others features as per client's requirement